It’s me, viewed by Maryline. 😉


I am 58 years old, I live in Brussels.

I discovered the photography in 2007 in Ireland with a compact and my friend Fred (photographer too) which introduced me to the art of light and composition. I bought my first digital SLR (Olympus E510) during a trip to Japan in 2008. Since then, I love photographing people in cities.

In 2017, a friend (Fred) offered me to buy his Fujifilm Xe2 at an excellent price. But it was only two years that I decided to wake up, document, look at the photos of the masters and inspire me. I stop wanting to take “beautiful” photos and, even if it is necessary to erase 250 photos to keep a good one, I start to have experiences, tests, errors. This is how I started to take photos that I like and that “works” (as they say among photographers). I always remain inspired by people and by the life of cities.

I recently followed a great workshop with Ilvy Njiokiktjien and, two years ago, an online mini-training given by Gustavo Minas, one of my favourite photographers. Among the other photographers who inspire me, there is Saul Leiter, Harry Gruyaert, Vivian Mayer, William Klein, Robert Frank, many photographers from the Magnum agency like Bruce Gilden, Peter Van Agtmael, Martin Parr, Richard Kalvar, Trent Parke …
Thanks for reading me.